Winward Casino – Tournaments and Live Games

With winward casino play, games take on a whole new dimension when you can play with the puck against others. There are noises and you don’t have to shell out euros.

When you join a tournament or put in a buy-in, you can earn points by playing a particular slot. At the same time, you go up on the scoreboard. The best will be rewarded with free spins and net money. Tournaments are a great way to increase your chances of winning while playing.

A few words about Winward Casino’s return percentages

Winward Casino’s return percentage is a little lower than its competitors in some cases, and a little better in some cases. How is this possible?

Firstly, Winward Casino has taken the opportunity to lower the percentage of returns that some manufacturers have made possible. For example, some Play’n Gon games have lower payout percentages than some competing casinos. See which casinos are guaranteed to get the best percentage of returns .

On the other hand, Winward Casino’s refund system raises the game’s return percentage. The percentage returned by casinos varies from game to game, but almost all games are returned for a piece of a certain size.

Most of the time, accurate players will learn from this that it is advisable to check the game’s rebate percentage based on the game data before playing.

However, at least one thing is clear. Winward Casino is clearly beating the domestic monopoly online casino and especially the physical slot machines. Here are some examples of theoretical return percentages for Winward Casino games:

  • Book of Dead (Play’n Go): 94.25% (96.21% in some casinos)
  • 9 Lions (Wazdan): 96.59%
  • Mega Clusters of Star Clusters (Big Time Gaming): 96.54%.

Winward Casino through the eyes of an Australian player

This casino is sure to appeal to Australian players, not only because of the English-language site, but also because of its great idea.

After all, it’s insanely great now that there are no redesign requirements related to free spins. And even more amazing, no doubt, are the cash refunds that the casino gives on almost every wager. Even when the refunds can be used exactly the way you want, it’s clear that there is no fairer online casino on the market. Thanks to the Maltese license, the profits are tax-free.

For an Australian gutter casino, there is a lot of good stuff:

  • The site is in English.
  • Australian customer service is available
  • Fair conditions
  • Tax-free profits.

This fair and very transparent system , which is really good for the customer will definitely appeal to Australian players because we are an honest group and all kinds of jewel-like phrases and stuff are not that effective for us if we generalize a bit now.

A pleasant experience at Winward Casino

Winward Casino wows its competitors by offering its players tremendous benefits and by acting in an exemplary fair and transparent manner. It’s just great to just play and take advantage of the various benefits when you know that you don’t have to worry about recycling requirements. Winward Casino is a true recycling-free online casino.

In addition to fair benefits, the casino offers friendly and helpful customer service. The range of games has already expanded to more than 3,000 games. Tournaments and various prizes ensure that there are no dull moments at Winward Casino.

For many games, the cashback rates are slightly lower than at other casinos because of the cashback. Unfortunately, however, we have to give half a star out of our Winward Casino review because the casino has lowered the cashback percentage of some of its favorite games. It also struggles with a completely transparent casino line.